Life Dust

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Published by: She Writes Press
Release Date: October 11, 2022
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-1647420918



Life Dust tells a story of courage: the kind that goes to war; and the kind that stays home. Along the way, it reveals what love, respect, and caring are about and what duty, honor, and country really mean.

Nettie’s world turns upside down when Andy, her soulmate since the sandbox days, is deployed to Vietnam. Struggling to cope with the constant worry, she dives into her work as a nursing intern in a busy Northern Virginia emergency department. In the process, she becomes entangled in the lives of a tortured man with everything money can buy except a chance to live the life he wanted and a vengeful nursing supervisor whose discontent leads to a string of late-night trysts in the shadowy recesses of the hospital.

Half a world away, Andy leads a military reconnaissance squad in a dangerous and unforgiving jungle. He receives orders to escort a high-ranking female freedom fighter, Bien, to a clandestine meeting with a North Vietnamese officer who wants to defect. Having previously been raped and brutally beaten by North Vietnamese soldiers, Bien is suspicious of the officer’s motives. However, something tells her he may be the younger brother who was kidnapped as a child and conscripted into the army of her attackers. Andy believes his unit is walking into a trap that could cost them everything.

Struggling to survive in different worlds, Nettie and Andy navigate the best and worst of human nature as they try to find their way back to one another.